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“The Pilot,” Season 1, Episode 1

Of course, the very first episode of Gossip Girl has to be on this list. It’s the introduction to all of the characters and their basic plotlines throughout the six seasons: Serena, who bites her lower lip and falls for guys within five minutes; Blair, who pretty much hates Serena but still acts like her best friend; Daniel/Lonely Boy (imagine that being your nickname, yikes), who’s creepy, stares longingly in the background, and is low-key miserable; Nate, who doesn’t really serve much of a purpose but is beautiful; Chuck, an odd 50-year-old in a 17-year-old body (he eventually does undergo a rebrand); and Jenny, who longs for nothing more than to be a Manhattan elite.

It also introduces us to the fact that these sophomores in high school attend parties on weekdays far more than anyone else does, and that their original casting for Eleanor Waldorf was abysmal.

The reboot will have a «very different concept.»

Although Safran was hesitant about rebooting Gossip Girl, he was approached by co-writers Schwartz and Savage, who said they’d reboot the show only if Safran was in; otherwise, someone else might take on the job. Despite the immense pressure of the proposal, Safran gave in; there were still some stones he hadn’t turned over last time.

«I was like, ‘You know what, I’d like to do some things we were unable to do the first time around,'» he told The Hollywood Reporter. «And that’s what kept me up at night—a more inclusive show, a more queer show, looking at how social media has changed in the 12 years since the original Gossip Girl—and then I couldn’t get that out of my head. There is actually a very different concept this time around, but we’re not telling you. And that made me be like, ‘Sure, it’s 10 episodes.’ Maybe that’s all it’ll be, but I’m really glad to look at it in a new way. It’s different than most reboots.»

On Twitter, Safran also explained, «The tone is different. At first that scared me, but all of us really want this to be its own thing, so I’ve embraced it.» He continued, «I really wanted this to feel like an extension and in no way a reboot. So it’s an evolution of the story, not a retread. That said, there are echoes. Constance and St. Judes are still Constance and St. Judes, after all.»

There’ll also be some awareness about (and perhaps a departure from) the show’s focus on wealth. «Part of the fun of watching the old one at the time was, Oh, this is what it’s like to be a very privileged teenager who can act with impunity, and living vicariously through that,» Tavi Gevinson told Cosmo. «But with this show, class resentment is a much more explicit part of it, which I’m very in tune with.»

The script is «quite good.»

«We have gotten the first script and I think we all breathed a big sigh of relief because it’s quite good,» HBO Max’s Sarah Aubrey revealed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, per People, in January 2020.

«One of the benefits of having the original creators involved is they know the essential elements of the show . And they want to bring a modern lens to it,» she added.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic allowed the writers a little more time to work on the series. Safran explained on , «It actually afforded me time to catch up. As I’ve gotten older, my writing process has grown to take a little longer. So I was able to give more attention to the scripts. But conversely, the pandemic made it harder to write, so I went slower, but more thoughtfully.»

“Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” Season 4, Episode 8

In this episode, we come to learn that Nate’s new romantic interest, Juliet, is actually obsessed with taking down Serena, thanks to a very interesting backstory. She’s also the cousin of Serena’s professor/love interest, Colin (again with the not-okay-whatsoever relationships), and is lying about being rich and lives in a studio in an “unsafe neighborhood,” according to Vanessa, so it’s probably a really nice neighborhood in Manhattan. Before Juliet and Vanessa can expose Serena’s affair with her professor—which probably should have been exposed—Team Constance Billard defend Serena and kick Juliet out of Manhattan, because they own the city.

The show is due July 8.

Gossip Girl is set to arrive on July 8, 2021, HBO Max revealed with the drop of the first teaser trailer.

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Variety reported on June 24 that the CW will air the premiere episode on July 9 from 8-9:30 p.m. ET/PT. The premiere will also be available to stream on The CW’s digital platforms after the CW premiere.

You can also see the first photos from set here and the first clips from the series here.

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After a COVID-caused delay, production began on November 2 in New York, Deadline reported. Director Karena Evans (P-Valley, Drake’s «Nice for What» and «God’s Plan» videos) helmed the first two episodes.

Variety reported in early September that production for the series would take place in Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles.

“Never Been Marcused,” Season 2, Episode 2

Surprise! Blair Waldorf’s personality-less boyfriend is actually an English Lord. Surprise, part two! English Lord’s mom is the older, married woman that Nate is having an affair with. They met in book club, because that’s totally normal for high-school students and married women to be a part of one together.

Chuck decides to stir the pot and bring older woman/Marcus’s mom to a party as his date (again, not okay), and Kristen Bell/Gossip Girl sums up this episode and all of its absurd plotlines quite succinctly with her voiceover, questioning, “What’s this? Chuck’s date and Blair’s date are mother and son? And Nate and Blair are exes? And Nate and the mother are in a book club? Now there’s a novel plot twist.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, GG.

Who is in the new cast of the ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot, then?

In the spring of 2020, Emily Alyn Lind was unveiled as Audrey, the reboot’s answer to Serena van der Woodsen. Meanwhile, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Whitney Peak and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’s Eli Brown have starring roles, as does singer and actor Jordan Alexander. Lethal Weapon’s Jonathan Fernandez and Broadway’s Jason Gotay will appear as secondary characters throughout the 10-episode run. Perhaps the most interesting addition to the cast? Original influencer Tavi Gevinson, whose pre-Instagram fashion blog, Style Rookie, became a phenomenon – and propelled the then 11-year-old to prime spots on the front row at fashion week.


Gossip Girl runs a blog documenting the lives of Manhattan’s elite, or the wealthy teenagers residing on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Posted on the blog are gossip, a «Spotted» map to keep track of frequently mentioned people, photos, and party invitations. Like most major gossip sites, Gossip Girl relies on tips sent in by people who have any information to give. In The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Jonathan Whitney hacks into the server and is able to find who has been sending what tips in. Later on, Nate Archibald creates a website where people can look up Gossip Girl’s sources, although it gets taken down quickly (All the Pretty Sources).

Until the finale, the only other character to know the identity of Gossip Girl was Jenny Humphrey.

In the revival series, «Gossip Girl» is an anonymous Instagram account used to spy on the ruling class of Constance Billard St. Jude’s School. She seeks to spill all their secrets.

Is there a trailer for the ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot?

Yes, and – no surprises – it’s full of beautiful, rich people acting like sociopaths. The two minute and 10 second clip offered our first real glimpse of HBO Max’s revival of the Noughties hit, and its massive production budget has clearly been put to good use (see the fully-fledged Christopher John Rogers runway at 1:26). “Our group of friends have known each other since we were babies, we have trust, and history,” Emily Alyn Lind’s Audrey Hope says breathily in a voiceover as the trailer begins. “We own this school,” Jordan Alexander’s Julien Calloway adds, sounding like Rizzo giving some sort of motivational speech to the Pink Ladies outside Rydell High. Enter Whitney Peak’s Zoya Lott, an out-of-towner who basically fills the role of Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Heron in Mean Girls, infiltrating the Met Steps gang before apparently being snapped by Gossip Girl in a compromising position with Julien’s boyfriend, whose name is – wait for it – Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV (Eli Brown). Also of note: in lieu of a blog, Gossip Girl, we’re told, is now “an anonymous Instagram account” that spies on the pupils of St Jude’s and Constance Billard, and is… run by teachers? PS: I tip my hat to the creative genius who decided to set the trailer to Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids”.

The characters will «wrestle with their privilege.»

This version of Gossip Girl won’t glorify wealth (or maybe not as outright) like its predecessor. «These kids wrestle with their privilege in a way that I think the original didn’t,» Josh Safran told Variety. «In light of , in light of a lot of things, even going back to Occupy Wall Street, things have shifted.»

He added, «I think the first showed a little bit of wealth porn or privilege porn, like, ‘Look at these cars, or here’s a montage of the best plated food you’ve ever seen.'»

According to Variety, the new characters are aware of income inequality and take Ubers instead of limos. Newcomer Zoya Lott, an analogue of Dan Humphrey, attends Constance on a scholarship, which is explored in «every episode.» (Perhaps she won’t be living in a DUMBO loft like Dan was.) This time around, the aspirational aspect will be more of «wanting to be like the characters and less having what they have,» Safran explained.


  • Блэр Уолдорф — красивая и активная ученица своей элитной средней школы. Блэр использует свое обаяние, сообразительность, деньги и социальный статус, чтобы добиваться того, чего она хочет и чего хочет. После окончания средней школы Блэр посещает Йельский университет, школу ее мечты. На протяжении всего сериала у нее были временные отношения с Нейтом Арчибальдом, за которого она всегда представляла, что выходит замуж. В конце сериала Нейт признается, что любит ее и всегда будет любить. Сама Сплетница говорит, что эти двое просто созданы, чтобы быть вместе. Стиль и отношение Блэр изображают ее весьма опрятной.
  • Серена ван дер Вудсен — ангельски привлекательная и несколько безответственная тусовщица, которая возвращается в Верхний Ист-Сайд после исключения из школы-интерната. Отчаяние Серены к романтике (первоначально ищущее это с Нейтом) вызывает конфликт между ней и ее заклятым врагом, Блер, которая также является девушкой Нейта. В конце концов, Серена поселяется в Нью-Йорке . Она наследница голландской мультимиллионной империи судоходства и светская львица, впоследствии ставшая успешной голливудской актрисой.
  • Нейт Арчибальд — богатый, красивый игрок в лакросс из школы Святого Иуды для мальчиков. Он встречался с несколькими девушками в сериале, но его единственные серьезные отношения были с его постоянно повторяющейся девушкой, Блэр Уолдорф и ее близкой подругой Сереной. После кражи виагры своего тренера по лакроссу он положился на Блер и связи ее отца-выпускника, чтобы попасть в Йельский университет. В конце концов, Нейт отправился в кругосветное плавание с наставником своего отца военно-морским флотом, потому что не мог выбирать между Блэром и Сереной. В дальнейшем он посещает Дип-Спрингс, рекомендованный Чаком Бассом, а затем Университет Брауна . В конце концов, он заявляет о своей любви к Блэр, а не к Серене, что оставляет Серену убитым горем, а Блер в восторге. Он и Серена поступили в каждый колледж, в который они поступили.
  • Дэн Хамфри — сексуальный, худой, чувствительный, зависимый от кофеина поэт, который часто видит темную сторону вещей. Романтик, чье воображение дико разбегается в худшие времена, он также чрезмерно аналитичен и легко разочаровывается. Дэн был влюблен в Серену много лет, прежде чем они встретились и ненадолго встречались. Дэн также экспериментировал с гомосексуализмом, прежде чем он начал встречаться с Ванессой Абрамс. Он публикует стихи и песни. В конце сериала он посещает Государственный колледж Эвергрин в Вашингтоне. В дальнейшем он переходит в Колумбийский университет . У него было множество подруг, Серена ван дер Вудсен и Mystery Craze, прежде чем он остановился на Ванессе Абрамс.
  • Дженни Хамфри — младшая сестра Дэна, фанатка Серены, но у нее большая неуверенность в себе из-за своей огромной груди. Позже она получает собственный спин-офф, The It Girl .
  • Ванесса Абрамс — подающий надежды кинорежиссер и полная противоположность большинству своих одноклассников, она носит бритую голову и всегда носит черное. У нее шаткие отношения с Дэном Хамфри, особенно после того, как она в течение короткого времени живет с семьей Хамфри. В конце сериала она учится в Нью-Йоркском университете . В приквеле выясняется, что она побрила голову перед Блэр.
  • Чак Басс — красивый антагонист, движимый похотью, который пытается воспользоваться преимуществами нескольких девушек, хотя в конечном итоге выясняется, что он, вполне возможно, бисексуал . Его в значительной степени презирают другие персонажи, но из-за его богатства и власти его терпят. Примечания к запланированному приквелу к сериалу показали, что Чака изначально называли «Чип Вискерс», но позже название было отменено в пользу более существенного варианта звучания тематического прозвища «деревянное слово + имя животного», примененного в окончательном варианте. Планы по изображению Чипа как гимнастки также были сокращены из-за явно женственной природы этого вида спорта. В конце сериала его не принимают ни в один колледж, в который он подавал документы, и он утверждает, что собирается в военный колледж. Однако он так и не прибывает в школу, и его местонахождение остается неизвестным. Позже он возвращается в Нью-Йорк изменившимся, респектабельным человеком, хотя и несколько зависимым от своего богатства. В книгах Чак — второстепенный персонаж. Тем не менее, он получил главную роль в его телеадаптации, в которой он поддерживает тесные отношения с Блэром и является лучшим другом Нейта и Серены.

Избыточная откровенность с партнёром

Одна из главных позитивных идей шоу: без честности и искренности нельзя построить крепкие отношения. Однако периодически герои переходят границы разумного и рассказывают своим возлюбленным доверенные им секреты своих близких. Например, как Серена, рассказавшая Дэну в первом сезоне о тайных на тот момент отношениях Блэр и Чака. С другой стороны, герои «Сплетницы» часто буквально требуют от своих партнёров раскрыть свои секреты и демонстрируют ревность как нормальную часть отношений, хотя любой человек имеет право на личное пространство. Два человека могут быть вместе и не сливаться воедино, отделять свои романтические отношения от отношений с друзьями и родственниками. Если подруга просит не делиться её тайнами, этот пакт молчания распространяется и на то, чтобы не рассказывать бойфренду.

Is the original cast involved?

As fans are well aware, the CW series gave rise to stars including Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen), Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf), Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey), Chase Crawford (Nate Archibald), and Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass). At the moment, the original leads aren’t expected to be involved, but the new Gossip Girl definitely exists in the same universe as its predecessor. Never say never!

Kristen Bell, who was the voice of Gossip Girl in the original series, will return to narrate HBO’s new version, according to The Hollywood Reporter. «Kristen Bell has always been and will always be the voice of Gossip Girl,» the producers said in a statement, according to the outlet.

Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, and Ed Westwick at a Gossip Girl premiere event in 2007.
L. Busacca

Chace Crawford told Digital Spy that he would «absolutely cameo» if a reboot featured new characters. «I’d have to!» he said.

Penn Badgley, who now stars in Netflix’s You, seemed ambivalent. «I’ve never been necessarily the greatest friend or fan of Dan Humphrey, which now I reconcile in this way that I’m like, you know, I would love to contribute in a meaningful way to it. And I guess it would just depend on a lot of things,» he said in December 2019.

It also seems unlikely that the OG Serena van der Woodsen will make a cameo. Blake Lively isn’t «involved» in the production of the reboot, she told E! News at the premiere of The Rhythm Section in January 2020. She also said any questions about the reboot could be directed to the producers, as «she’s not taking part in the series in any way, shape or form.»

Further, according to Entertainment Tonight, executive producer Josh Schwartz revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, «We’ve reached out to all of them to let them know it was happening and we’d love for them to be involved if they want to be involved, but certainly didn’t want to make it contingent upon .» Basically, any of the original cast members can return if they want to!

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“Blair Waldorf Must Pie,” Season 1, Episode 9

Our introduction to the best of Gossip Girl: the Thanksgiving episodes. The introductory Thanksgiving episode has a little bit of everything: a glimpse at just how long Dan has been obsessed with his current girlfriend, Serena; flashbacks to happier times at the Waldorf family before Blair’s dad left her mom for a hot male model named Roman; the fact that Lily Van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey are basically the adult version of Dan/Serena and that they had a full-blown love story; and the fact that despite having a full spread of food on almost every table in this show, the characters never eat any of it.

There’s apparently a big twist.

In the cast’s cover story for Cosmopolitan, journalist Brian Moylan revealed that there’s a big twist in store for the upcoming series. «The ‘twist’ that apparently exists but is so super top secret that showrunner Josh Safran can’t even whisper it to me in confidence,» he wrote.

In an interview for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Bell, who is returning to her OG role as the mysterious voice of Gossip Girl, also hinted at the «really different» twist at the end of the reboot’s pilot episode that fans should look out for.

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«The new show is really cool because it talks all about how social media has changed us and it’s more risque because it’s on HBO Max,» Bell teased. «And there’s a twist at the end of episode one that’s really different.»

We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Identity: 2021 TV Series

Season One

Seeking to teach the students of Constance Billard St. Jude’s School how to respect others and to be better people, four teachers band together to revive the moniker of Gossip Girl. Under the direction of a former Constance student, Rebecca, who witnessed the rise of the original Gossip Girl Dan Humphrey, the teachers work together to craft the perfect account. They initially start as a Twitter account under the handle «Gossip Girl2.0», but later decide to take their mission to the students more popular platform of Instagram. It is here that Gossip Girl breaks her first blast, written by Kate Keller. She is assisted by three other teachers: Jordan Glassberg, Wendy, and Rima, with their antics known by Rafa Caparros. By the end of the school week, the DMs for potential posts are pouring in, with the teachers having their pick of what to post next.

When the parents of the students become annoyed with the anonymous account, they threaten to pull their donations. Headmistress Burton applies pressure by hiring a black cube company to seek out the perpetrator of the account. The teachers hatch a plan for a scape goat to take the fall, and ultimately land on Rima. She takes their bait by posting an obvious blast to the account that points back to her, and is fired from her teaching position. She assures her co-conspirators that she didn’t crack under interrogation. The remaining teachers turn back on their firewall so they’re safe from anyone else that tries to out them. They also begin to receive tips from surrounding schools, and agree to occasionally post the other tips, as to avoid suspicion. The remaining trio alternated their posts so Kate, the main person behind the account, could rest when she needed too. After a student from a neighboring school brought a gun to school because of the intense bullying he was getting both online and in real life, Kate declared they were doing more harm then good and ultimately deactivated the account. She later reactivated it after realizing it was forcing people to actually communicate. She also hid the previous posts and deactivated the comments — because GG’s voice is the only one that matters.

Сюжет и съемки

По сюжету действие картины по-прежнему происходит в престижном частном учебном заведении Манхэттена. Спустя 8 лет в мире изменились существующие социальные сети и появилось множество других ресурсов, мессенджеров и приложений. Как и онлайн-пространство, жизнь представителей молодого поколения также не стоит на месте и постоянно развивается и меняется.

Оригинальный интернет-ресурс, где публиковалась актуальная информация о жизни обитателей Верхнего Ист-Сайда, давно прекратил свое существование. Однако одно обстоятельство осталось прежним: всевидящая сплетница продолжает пристально следить за личной жизнью учеников школы Констанс Биллар. Теперь для этого используются современные методы и технологии. По странному стечению обстоятельств, анонимный ресурс возобновляет свою работу, когда в школе появляется новая ученица. Не только ученики и их родители в курсе, кто с кем встречается и ссорится: о сплетнях, распространяемых анонимом, знают все жители городка.

В 2019 году появилась информация, что по заказу компании Warner Media сериал «Сплетница» будет возобновлен для показа на канале HBO Max. Исполнительный продюсер Джош Шварц отметил, что проект станет продолжением оригинального повествования.

Стефани Сэвидж, Джошуа Сафран, Лесли Моргенштейн и Джина Джироламо занимались продюсированием картины. Режиссерское кресло поделили Карина Эванс, Дженнифер Линч, Памела Романовски. Художественным оформлением занимались Ола Маслик, Марисса Коцилимбас и Эрик Даман, который ранее работал над созданием образов главных героинь сериала «Секс в большом городе». Авторами сценария стали Элейн Лох, Джошуа Сафран, Стефани Сэвидж, Джош Шварц, Эшли Вигфилд, Сесили фон Зигесар.

There’ll be better representation this time around.

Safran also told Vulture that the new storyline will better reflect the diversity of youth in New York City (even if the series is still set among Manhattan’s elite), with «nonwhite» lead roles and «a lot of queer content.»

During a Twitter AMA, when asked what difference he was «most proud of» in the reboot, Safran responded, «The majority of characters being diverse and/or queer.»

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Cast member Whitney Peak told Cosmo, «I want all the hers and the hes and the theys and the people of color from all over the world to be able to watch the show and think, That’s a person who looks like me. I don’t have to be the stereotypical idea of who I am.» She added of how the series could be educational to viewers, «Maybe they’re not learning these things at home, but they’re seeing them on Gossip Girl. How amazing is that?»

“Dirty Rotten Scandals,” Season 6, Episode 3

So much has happened since season five. Serena is dating Matt from 7th Heaven. His daughter, who is in high school, is dating Nate (again, why was this okay?), and is basically a mini Queen B. Fake Cousin Charlie/Ivy is now dating Rufus, and the iconic Nelly Yuki returns as a Women’s Wear Daily editor who trashes Blair’s fashion show, which Blair blames on Serena because, as everyone knows, Blair hates Serena. As usual, Dorota and Chuck and Blair’s relationship are the highlights of this episode, and it ends on a high note, with Dorota giving Blair some words of wisdom and strength: “You will make Miss Eleanor proud.”

The reboot was made «the HBO way.»

In the June 22 Vulture article, Safran said that his plan was to «elevate» the show above the original’s style, in terms of sets and locations. Casting director Cassandra Kulukundis, the show’s casting director told Vulture, “He had so many lofty ideas, and he has such high-end taste. He’s like, ‘I don’t want people thinking it’s going to be this teen soap opera. I really want to make it the HBO way.’”

What’s the benchmark for the «HBO way,» you ask? None other than the network’s Emmy-winning drama Succession. «My thing was always like, ‘Succession is where the world is right now,’” Safran told Vulture. “So what’s the Succession version of Gossip Girl?»

According to Vulture, the reboot has a large enough budget to meet its Succession-level standards. Gossip Girl also boasts a crew member with some experience: the show’s location manager Matthew Kania worked on Succession’s first season. Kania even told Vulture that there’s now a bit of competition between Gossip Girl, Succession and Showtime’s Billions to get locations. «It’s not uncommon that we might be butting heads looking at the same restaurants, because there are only so many restaurants where this type of person would eat. Same thing with penthouses, townhouses, and everything else — there are only so many places where people who have that wealth go.» Kania said.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Identity: 2007 TV Series

Seasons 1-4

“Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite… And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.”

During the first five seasons, Gossip Girl’s identity is never identified. In the season two finale The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Serena attempts to track her down on the night of graduation. However, Gossip Girl outplays her and has everyone from Constance Billard/St. Jude’s meet, where she reveals in a blast that they are truly Gossip Girl; as she wouldn’t have anything to write about if people didn’t send in tips.

Season Five

In Riding in Town Cars With Boys, Gossip Girl sends a blast revealing that Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are together; despite Blair being engaged to Louis Grimaldi. That night, Blair and Chuck are involved in a horrific car accident, which leads to Chuck nearly dying and Blair losing her unborn baby. After this, Gossip Girl abandons her site, only to have it picked up by a new user.

In G.G., it’s revealed that Georgina has taken over the site and is posting as Gossip Girl herself. Soon after, in Crazy Cupid Love, Dan figures out that Georgina is Gossip Girl and threatens to expose her. Not wanting to be exposed, she agrees to not release a photo of Dan kissing Blair. In The Princess Dowry, Dan outs Georgina to Blair and Chuck, and she does each of them favors to earn one in return in case the secret ever got out. Afterwards, Georgina sends the laptop with the admin site access to Serena, along with a note encouraging her to take over.

Serena then takes over the site and begins to enjoy running it. However, her cousin, Lola Rhodes, suspects that she is Gossip Girl and attempts to out her. In Salon of the Dead, she realizes that Serena is Gossip Girl but keeps the secret to herself. She eventually tells Nate, who doesn’t say anything either. Meanwhile, Diana Payne agrees to help Serena blackmail the real Gossip Girl into letting her keep the site. However, this doesn’t work and Nate and Lola help the real Gossip Girl get the laptop back after seeing Serena ruin her friendships while running the site. In The Fugitives, the real Gossip Girl begins posting again.

Season Six

In the series finale, New York, I Love You XOXO, Dan reveals that he was Gossip Girl all along. He reasons that he did so in an attempt to write himself into the world of the Upper East Side. After he explains everything, he confesses that Gossip Girl is now dead and they can all move on with their lives.

In the time jump, it’s revealed that a new high school student that bears a resemblance to Dan has taken over as the «new» Gossip Girl.

The cast has been revealed.

Jordan Alexander plays Julien Calloway, a teen influencer, according to Cosmopolitan. The Canadian actress and singer’s credits include the TV series Sacred Lies and Unbury the Biscuit.

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Skater and model Evan Mock plays Akeno «Aki» Menzies, marking his first acting role. (We’ve already seen him wielding a skateboard on set.) Aki has been dating Audrey (more on her below) for «ages.»

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Savannah Smith plays Monet de Haan. A student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Smith marks her first booking with the Gossip Girl role. She and Zión Moreno play «Greek-chorus-type roles but are still fully fleshed-out characters with inner lives of their own,» according to Cosmopolitan.

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Actress and musician Emily Alyn Lind plays Audrey Hope, whose mother is an athleisure designer. She’s best friends with Julien and has been in a long-term relationship with Aki, but, according to Deadline, she’s «beginning to wonder what more could be out there.» Lind told BAZAAR.com that Audrey is «very into classic, old-fashion type things,» like Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall. » very into the finer things in life.»

Lind previously appeared in the ABC series Revenge as young Amanda Clarke and the CBS medical drama Code Black as Ariel.

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Whitney Peak plays Zoya Lott, who’s like the Dan Humphrey of the group, acting as a «relatable-ish tour guide» into the flashy world of the Upper East Side, Cosmopolitan reported. Peak previously played Judith Blackwood in several episodes of part three of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The 17-year-old was born in Uganda and has had small roles in the Academy Award–nominated film Molly’s Game and the CW’s iZombie.

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Eli Brown plays Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV, a «rich do-gooder and German import.» Brown is best known for playing Dylan Walker on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. The actor had two 2020 films, The F**k-It List and Run Hide Fight, and is also a singer-songwriter.

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Thomas Doherty plays Max Wolfe. You might recognize the singer and actor from Disney’s Descendants 2, HBO’s Catherine the Great, or Hulu’s High Fidelity. When asked by Cosmopolitan whether «libertine» Max makes out with boys, Doherty responded, «Yes, I do get naked, and yes, I do indulge.»

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Zión Moreno plays Luna La. With a credit on TNT’s Claws, Moreno began her career as a model when she was 19 years old before diving into acting.

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Tavi Gevinson plays Kate Keller, a mysterious character. Rookie founder and fashion darling Gevinson has appeared on shows like Scream Queens and CBS’s reboot of The Twilight Zone.

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Jason Gotay is also in the cast, though HBO hasn’t revealed his character portrait yet. The NYC native boasts a bevy of Broadway credits, including roles in Bring It On and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, as well as a turn in the TV broadcast of Peter Pan Live!

Johnathan Fernandez will also star. The Brooklyn-born actor is fresh off a three-season stint on Lethal Weapon, on which he played Bernard Scorsese; he has also appeared on Girls, Younger, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Adam Chanler-Berat has been cast too. He has a thorough background onstage, originating roles like Henry in Next to Normal, Peter in Peter and the Starcatcher, and Nino in Amélie.

“Yes, then Zero,” Season 5, Episode 1

Upper East Side meets 90210. In this juicy episode, Serena is interning on a movie set: a full-blown working gal. Nate and Chuck come to visit her on set, where Chuck explains he has a new philosophy on life, which involves him saying “yes” to everything. (Inspiring.) Nate pretty much does nothing in this episode but look beautiful, as usual, until he meets a very hot older woman (how did they get Elizabeth Hurley on this show?) and suddenly has a purpose again. And 19-year-old Blair has her wedding dress fitting with Prince Louis, where another bombshell drops: She’s pregnant. Again, how could you not love this show?


Full plot details remain limited, but here’s the official summary for the series.

«Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. The prestige series will address just how much social media—and the landscape of New York itself—has changed in the intervening years.»

«It’s just a new look at this particular society in New York, the idea being that society changes constantly,» screenwriter Joshua Safran told The Hollywood Reporter. «So how has this world changed, how has social media and its effect changed? All of those things allow us to look at the world 12 years on as opposed to just redoing the story.»

Gossip Girl is now a social media platform rather than a blogger.

Moylan also revealed to Cosmopolitan that «Gossip Girl has gone from blogger to something more like an all-encompassing social media platform.»

The description is intentionally vague. «My hope is that we make it to airing and people don’t know,» Safran said. «I would love to see that conversation happen in the context of people having seen it as opposed to talking about something they haven’t seen.»

People also won’t be wondering who the anonymous poster is this time around. Schwartz told E! News that it would be more interesting to highlight «this idea that we are all Gossip Girl now, in our own way, that we are all purveyors of our own social media surveillance state.»