A techwear jacket is the cornerstone of all techwear outfits. Two types of techwear jackets are the most common on the market: «hardshell» and «softshell».

Hardshell jackets: They are made with water-repellent, waterproof, windproof and breathable elements (depending on the basic technology). This type of techwear jacket is also equipped with an underlayer and can be detached depending on the context. Different ranges of fabrics are used in the realization of these jackets, which gives them a certain rigidity. Whether it is for an urban look or for sports use, the hardshell will satisfy you.Softshell jackets: the difference with hardshell is the rigidity. Here, the jackets are much softer. They are lighter and give you certain freedom of movement. They are certainly less waterproof, but offer greater comfort. If you wear techwear jackets for the first time, you will definitely love softshell jackets.


Complete your look with unique techwear fashion designs from techwear tops to techwear bottoms:

— Techwear jackets

Windproof or waterproof, techwear coats are the ideal garment to face the bad weather of everyday life. They will particularly appeal to sportsmen and other travelers with a well-groomed look due to their unique design and ultimate utility. A must-have in your wardrobe.

— Techwear shirts

Lightweight and comfortable, that’s what the futuristic design of the techwear t-shirt is all about. Ample for a streetwear-inspired look or more fitted to adapt to your body’s shape, it’s the essential garment to wear every day.

— Techwear hoodies

Windproof or waterproof, techwear coats are the ideal garment to face the bad weather of everyday life. They will particularly appeal to sportsmen and other travelers with a well-groomed look due to their unique design and ultimate utility. A must in your wardrobe.

— Techwear pants

Techwear pants are currently undergoing major expansion due to their many advantages. While in a classic style, the pants are often minimized, in techwear, it is a piece that greatly influences the overall comfort of an outfit. They are waterproof, windproof, wear-resistant, stretchy… Basically, the list is long! As for the design of these pants, it is not standard. It can be of military influence, minimalist or with several pockets. Everything is made to please the greatest number of people.

Most of the cargo pants are inspired by the military world for their practicality. And visually, it is for me the piece that influences the most on a techwear silhouette. In terms of cuts, you have unique things that challenge the codes, such as the famous cargo pants that are wide at the thigh and very tight at the ankle. Unique cuts for a futuristic and original style.

— Techwear shoes

Techwear shoes are both the most requested products on the market and the most technological. From the classic sneaker with contemporary technologies, to the formal shoe with high quality cushioning, all tastes are scrutinized. Concerning the colors, the shoes do not derogate to the other clothes. We will find mainly black tones or sometimes white to denote with the rest of the color. Although it is increasingly common to see techwear looks with fluorescent sneakers that contrast with the rest of the outfit.

Find all the best techwear clothing to upgrade your streetwear style with futuristic outfits.


With the hoodie, it has never been easier to personalize your style. Fans of Japanese and Korean culture will appreciate our techwear hoodies printed with kanji and various Asian symbols. While the die-hard street goth fans will turn to one of our hoodies printed with barbed wire or a cyborg head. They are easy to match garment with any look and can be a featuring piece in one’s goth ninja look. You can also wear your hoodie under a techwear vest for a streetwear look.

Our awesome looking hoodie are an accessory piece you cannot miss. A real unique piece that allows you to add the missing touch to your offbeat style with multiple strapped pockets in both the front and the back to add that extra touch of techwear culture many are looking for.

Whether it’s with techwear jeans or cargo pants, fashion knows no bounds. If the hoodie is first and foremost a piece of clothing, it is nevertheless a strong identity marker. Wearing one of our techwear hoodies is to affirm your originality and your alternative style.

Anyone into the techwear style will appreciate this garment!

The widest selection of techwear pants

While techwear pants are primarily black, we also offer khaki, white, camo and more. Go for grey or khaki tones to accentuate the urbanwear aesthetic, or for black tones to reinforce the techwear, street goth side.Techwear pants combine practicality with futuristic designs.

Waterproof, windproof, stretchy, wear-resistant, and always comfortable to wear!Opt for a minimalist techwear ninja pants, or on the contrary an inspired cargo pants model with a multitude of pockets.

Although most trousers and clothing are cut into standard patterns, Techwear challenges the convention by designing patterns by considering human movement. The anatomical design takes these factors into consideration, and the articulation is usually achieved by using darts at the knee or inner elbow. These allow the wearer to move freely without the fabric from fraying or pulling at key points.

Techwear pants strongly evoke urban adventures and explorations. Whether you’re looking to enhance your style or for functional pants, it’s great to have comfortable clothes, with pockets everywhere for headphones or other essentials. Pants in which it is possible to spend ten hours without feeling tight at the waist.

And for the winter, make sure you have your techwear jacket to stay warm in style even during cold season.


Become a forward thinker with alternative fashion. With the emergence of techwear, street Gothic, cyberpunk, and streetwear, you will always find the perfect pants to match your look. In our pants collection, we have carefully selected techwear men’s trousers and techwear women’s trousers, to offer a wide choice of techwear pants to complete y from your favorite outfits with a futuristic touch.


Although techwear pants are known for their practicality with their many pockets and their technical material inspired by military equipment, we also make sure to offer you pants with original designs and patterns. The perfect combination of utility and design. Whether you are looking for a basic black techwear pant or a khaki techwear pant, we offer you the largest range of technical and aesthetic pants.

Our trousers are designed with thick chains, tie belts and lower patterns, so no matter which subculture you like in techwear, you can create a unique look.


Just as much as ACRONYM, talking about techwear without mentioning the Italian brand Stone Island is inconceivable today. For several years now, the compass rose has not stopped revolutionizing the history of technical clothing. Its ability to renew itself and to offer ever more efficient products has allowed it to cross the ages and become a true monument, not only in the techwear sector, but also in popular culture.

The Stone Island Shadow Project collection alone embodies this philosophy advocated by the Italian house. The Stone Island Shadow Project range is the brand’s laboratory. Placed at the heart of the design process, this range is, as is often the case, the main source of the Italian brand’s innovations. If it appears today as a collection in its own right, it is important to know that originally the Shadow Project was not supposed to be so popular.

As its name suggests, this project was supposed to remain in the shadow of the other collections. The brand experienced a new stylistic impetus, which materialized in the creation of the Shadow Project program. No more standardized conceptual precepts, performance had to be reconciled with style.

Once again, the talented Errolson Hugh from the ACRONYM label was called in to take charge of the project. Many consider it to be the most successful since the creation of the label. Always driven by the desire to offer the best, the creative teams, driven by a quest for the best, once again responded by pushing the conceptual limits even further.

This collection with its avant-garde philosophy is endowed with a unique identity. Indeed, Shadow Project combines techwear (the brand’s DNA) with the world of urban ready-to-wear. An audacious combination that gives Stone Island clothing a new perspective.


Functionality is a key aspect, our hoodies integrate innovative technologies thanks to the use of breathable, water-repellent or windproof materials.  In addition to adjustable drawstring hood and a kangaroo pocket, pull-on closure hood, straps, buckles, and oversized pockets for added modern functionality.

Its qualities also make it an ideal garment to wear in mid-season. High stitch density, durable, warm and soft to face any situations and to add extra modern functionality. In case of mixed weather, the hoodies hoods allow you to protect yourself from the cold and rain while its kangaroo pocket allows you to keep your hands warm or to store a hat. 

Moreover, the models are varied, there are some with a zipper or not. The cuts are also different because more or less wide to go with any techwear outfit.

Warm and resistant, our techwear hoodies also have unique, sophisticated and futuristic design. From slightly fitted style and layered sleeves or loose fit, the techwear hoodie is a must-have to add to your wardrobe.


Krakatau is a Russian brand created in St Petersburg in 1999. This label has the ambition to give back freshness to the vision of streetwear with the use of functional elements and technological details in its clothes.

Characterized by its urban «Survivalist» style with the use of technical materials such as nylon «Soft Shell» with waterproof and breathable characteristics, as well as the many advantages present in its techwear:Hoods, removable and reversible lining, several inside pockets, outside pockets with zippers and heat-sealed to keep out the rain, side zippers to open the parka, integrated mitts at the end of the arms to prevent air from entering the sleeve when using a motorcycle, straps in the jacket to be able to wear it as a backpack, and protection against the cold thanks to its insulating fabrics that can go down to -10 degrees.

Finally, in addition to its technical materials, its curved cuts and its many well-thought-out and functional details. Techwear mainly oriented as Outerwear.

Best Techwear brands

Even if you don’t know anything about techwear culture, chances are you’ve already seen movies like Matrix characterized by its black outfits, or the anime Akira whose main hero is immersed in the heart of a Cyberpunk tale whose inhabitants have a futuristic and offbeat clothing style. If this is the case, then the Techwear universe is not unknown to you!

It is undeniable that techwear has been growing considerably in the fashion world in recent years, more and more brands are trying to ride the wave of futuristic techwear style. But do you know the best brands that participate in perpetuate and develop this alternative style? In this article we propose you to discover our techwear brand list and learn more about techwear brands you havn’t heard of.

Please note that this list deals with techwear fashion in its entirety and therefore includes brands from various universes (casual techwear, ninja techwear, urban techwear…). If you want to learn more about techwear fashion, we invite you to read our article «What is techwear?». Now that it’s done, here is our top 10 techwear brands you need to know about!


Blade sole shoes

If you are a sneaker fanatic, then you may have heard the term «blade sole sneakers.» The sole pattern was originally released by Adidas. It is a patterned sole that responds to the environment and can be compressed to produce an effective push-off effect. These sports shoe not only give greater comfort to aerodynamic sports shoes, but also have a sci-fi punk look that perfectly match your techwear style.

The heavy fabric and leather upper guarantees its durability, while the breathable inner mesh, tongue and lightweight midsole provide you with the comfort you deserve. These shoes are a long-term choice in your wardrobe, suitable for every occasion.


If you want more support in your daily work, then high-top sneakers will be perfect for you. High-top sneakers have a more fashionable touch and are usually shoes that reach above the ankle. These products provide more support and isolation, and are ideal shoes for cold autumn or winter.

These sneakers have black and white font on the side of the shoe, which can be a feature of the all-black look. Made with synthetic sock mesh soles, these shoes perfect for any casual wear, are both durable and wear-resistant. With a stylish sense of dark aesthetics they are one of the ultimate Techwear shoes.

Techwear high boots

With a more grunge and goth aesthetic, the leather shoe is a techwear staple. Its thick sole brings comfort to your foot while these high shoes effectively maintain your ankle. 

Ideal to wear in winter, these shoes will complete your techwear style by giving it a military or street goth touch.

White sole shoes

Over the past years, these shoes has become a must-have in footwear. Known for its streamlined silhouette, lightness and excellent breathability. Having a pair of clean white sole sneakers has become a popular dress for many streetwear and casual styles. The black mesh top with white sneakers gives a fairly classic look and always looks great. Its details instantly perfect any Techwear garment.


These sneakers have been stripped of their laces, but are still able to fully protect your feet. They are super comfortable, lightweight and have a strong sole made of rubber sole and a breathable upper woven mesh. These shoes are ideal for activities that require standing or walking for hours at a time. The unisex sock shoes are perfect for any daily use.

Slip on shoes are easy to put on, comfortable, and look great. If you want futuristic shoes in a casual dystopian style, these shoes are for you.


How can we not mention Acronym when it comes to Techwear? Founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, Acronym is an avant-garde German streetwear brand.

Scalpel cuts, technical materials, non-standard finishes and surrealist designs are often on the menu of this very special label’s collections.For the past few years, this Berlin-based brand has been pushing the «techwear» slider to the limit, transforming its faithful fans into true urban ninjas.

In addition to the special design, it uses technological materials to improve the capabilities of its wardrobe in terms of waterproofing, flexibility and thermal regulation. Recently, the brand inspired the clothes of the hero of the science fiction video game «Death Stranding».

By combining functional design with an innovative aesthetic worthy of the greatest science fiction movies, ACRONYM cultivates an unreserved sense of style that blurs the boundaries between the worlds of fashion and technology. Instead of fighting the exponential growth of hybrid technologies, the brand welcomes this change with understanding and enthusiasm. Multidisciplinary technologies and innovative design on all levels are at the heart of the ACRONYM product line, which includes sportswear inspired by the cyberpunk, techwear culture.

ACRONYM will therefore remain one of the pioneering brands in Techwear fashion by helping to spread the word about movement and continually pushing the boundaries of technology in fashion.

Techwear outfits

Discover the techwear style with avant-garde and dark outfits for an original and underground look.


Urban techwear clothing defines a branch of street clothing, in which the style of technological clothing echoes the dystopian future. Once dressed in urban techwear style, draped in blacks and grays, you will look badass. Techwear apparel is fundamentally different from the typical modern casual hoodies and sneakers, thanks to its military-inspired and highly customized design.


Cyberpunk techwear is a clothing style inspired by science fiction and cybernetics in a futuristic context that tends to focus on high-tech to design futuristic clothing and accessories with advanced technological and scientific achievements. Looking for a futuristic style? Cyberpunk clothes are the right ones for you!


Adapt your style to your desires with our different techwear looks, including Asian influenced styles inspired by Korean techwear and Japanese culture. Choose your mask, and cargo pants for a unique Asian style.

Что такое Теквир?

Существует множество определений того, что такое техническая одежда. Прежде всего это сочетание современных искусственных материалов с передовыми технологиями пошива для создания новой формы функциональности. Вспомните проклеенные швы, ламинированные молнии и эргономичную конструкцию из панелей.

Этот последний пункт важен. Для неподготовленного взгляда Теквир может показаться простенькой рабочей одеждой с множеством карманов в виде драпировки и абсолютно черного цвета. Но техническая одежда определяется не столько эстетичностью, сколько скорее навязчивостью практичности, как для дизайнеров, так и владельцев.

Сегодня людей все больше привлекают тенденции, которые предлагают практикующую основу. Материалы обеспечивают воздухопроницаемость и контроль температуры, делая их универсальными, и их можно адаптировать к городской жизни. Сочетание полезных функций с классной эстетикой — это то, что люди хотят покупать сегодня.

Среди многих разработок Хью — «Sound Forcelock» — магнитная полоска на воротнике, позволяющая удерживать ваши наушники — и «Gravity Pocket», удобный карман для хранения телефона в рукаве с функцией, позволяющей сбросить его прямо в руку. Это одежда, которая использует вещи, способный помочь вам с выживанием в пустыне, а также способна сделать жизнь в городском пространстве более функциональной.

Возьмите куртку с аббревиатурой «Акроним» в руки, и вы сможете детально увидеть уровень мышления владельца, который знает на сколько он будет защищен в окружающей среде и как он будет ее использовать. Когда все подобрано идеально, она больше похоже на проект, чем на дизайн одежды.


It is in 2009 that the Damascus Apparel brand was born. With designs against standards and highly futuristic, the label pushed the cyberpunk and techwear side to its paroxysm with clothes that seem to come from a science-fiction movie.

With a distinguished artistic flair, their clothes were nonetheless practical and functional. As with the majority of the techwear collections, black was the guiding line for many of their garments.

Unfortunately, in 2019 the founders of the brand decided to end the adventure after 10 years of existence. Nevertheless, Damascus Apparel will have appropriated the futuristic Cyberpunk universe to create a line of cyber clothes.

All-terrain shoes, waterproof or simply comfortable, discover the best techwear shoes

In today’s casual fashion market, running shoes are more than just staying healthy. Sportswear shoes have been converted into the most common everyday wear shoes. They are comfortable footwear and are suitable for almost anything. For those who still want to maintain a fashionable style, this is an ideal choice for a whole day, and the techwear sneakers are a perfect everyday shoe.

There’s no negotiating between style and utility with techwear shoes. Whether you’re looking for performance or style, techwear shoes guarantee maximum comfort with their technological materials and unparalleled style with ever more inventive and innovative designs.

Shoes are also part of the essential and important accessories to finalize your techwear style. By themselves, they can define an urban techwear style with futuristic sneakers, military/street goth if you opt for high boots with laces, or cyberpunk with platform shoes that will bring character to your outfit.

A full mobility with techwear sneakers

With a multitude of different models, the sneakers is imposed in fashion. The final touch to complete your techwear style!What do Techwear shoes look like? They all have a fairly aggressive and imposing design, with a base that provides good ankle support. Their soles feature innovative technologies such as reinforced sole, hydrophobic fabric, ultra soft material. Sneakers have the advantage of being very comfortable to wear every day in addition to matching casual outfits.From the classic sneaker revisited by contemporary technologies, to the reinforced boots and the formal shoe equipped with a cushioned sole, ourtechwear sneakersare a must-have.

Became a gigantic must-have of urban fashion and techwear, with multitudes of different models, the sneakers is imposed in fashion.The sneakers adapt perfectly to a streetwear style, urban to perfect your techwear look with the greatest comfort and mobility. What to become a real urban ninja.For a grunge and cyberpunk look, boots are the ideal shoes to complete your outfit. Stiffer than sneakers, they ensure a good support of the ankle.


Assert your cyberpunk soul with techwear boots

Inspired by punk culture and military gear, boots are more appropriate for a warcore, grunge look. Made of leather, they are comfortable to wear and ideal to keep you warm in winter. The thick, durable sole of techwear boots makes them a particularly sturdy shoe that will last a long time. Popular in recent years, the thick bottom of the shoe is a modern design that exudes a futuristic look. In addition to this, the thick sole provides a firm layer that can hold your feet tightly and allows for comfortable wear all day long.

Complete your techwear look by choosing techwear sneakers made of advanced materials, or have visible tech features, not to mention a pair of techwear socks. Or, opt for a military and cyberpunk style withtechwear bootsmade of leather.


Low-cut boots

These lightweight, waterproof and low-cut short boots are perfect for your urban clothing. The boots are as comfortable and futuristic as ever, with a thick sole that care for your feet and make every walk a pleasant experience.

Thermo tactocal boots

These combat boots are ideal for fall, spring and even winter, keeping your feet warm in any extreme weather, thanks to the extra distance of the warm cotton lining inside the boots. The boots are made of water-repellent materials and include padded fabrics to enhance strength and warmth.

In terms of fashion, dark colors is the first choice for techwear enthusiasts and street goth fans. The unique combination between extreme exploration equipment and urban technology clothing fashion.

Leather Cyberpunk boots

These shoes exude the feel of cyberpunk boots and are an affordable alternative to combat boots. Made with synthetic leather, it is soft and tough to keep your feet comfortable. These boots have a unique modern silhouette and are still one of the most gorgeous high-tech boots for women. Available in black, white and silver to match your ideal style. These kicks will be your choice for a long time.

Leather combat boots

These boots ensure all-weather protection and an elegant silhouette that any user of technological clothing can appreciate. These boots are thick, large and black with the definition of punk rock military shoes. If you are looking for typical combat boots, then these unisex shoes are the best choice.

These boots are comfortable, soft, flexible and comfortable, making them one of the most fashionable combat shoes. These boots are equipped with warm interlayer materials, 100% leather and thick rubber soles, which can keep you warm and kick your legs in any situation. In addition, they exude an unsightly appearance, making these combat boots ideal for the appearance of dark technical clothing.

Techwear Army boots for women

This model of women’s shoe is based on a military aesthetic inspired by tactical boots, pushing their usefulness to the maximum by integrating storage pockets integrated into the shoes. Made from resistant materials, these boots will bring you great comfort while protecting you from the cold.

Almost all designs of the brand use thick rubber soles with a futuristic look, which is perfect for any high-tech clothing or Gothic ninja look. With side pockets, laces and outsole, these shoes constitute the trend of combat boots today.

Характерные черты стиля и одежды

Мне нравится5Не нравится1

Выделим несколько черт, которые тесно связаны друг с другом. Первая черта — технологичность. В стиле используются современные ткани, и это возведено в настоящий ранг культа. Особенно популярны материалы, которые не пропускают влагу и защищают одежду от протекания воды.

Излюбленные материалы — микрофибра и флис, мембранные и особо прочные материалы, которые используются в одежде спортсменов. Также используются сетчатые ткани, поскольку они защищают зоны от повышенного потоотделения. Сетка “дышит”, а человек, который носит одежду, чувствует себя гораздо лучше.

Практичность — вторая значимая характеристика. Использование технологий подразумевает под собой конкретную цель — одежда должны быть теплой и комфортной в любых условиях. Ткани не мнутся и не впитывают грязь, хорошо защищают от повышенной влажности. Кроме того, такая одежда должна быть удобной и в повседневной жизни.

Третья характеристика — это киберпанковость. Да, это не только футуристичный дизайн с разными интересными фишками, но также и одежда, которая полностью адаптирована под носку различных гаджетов. Сама одежда тоже может быть гаджетом — некоторые куртки и штаны оснащены специальным подогревом, встроенные фонарики питаются от солнечного света, а шнурки в кроссовках и вовсе шнуруются сами.



The hoodie is an essential, it is above all a practical and comfortable overwear that can be styled with almost any outfit. Thus, everyone has one in his wardrobe. Its texture, but also its colors, its material and its shapes make it the ideal garment for all situations.

From the classic style with an embroidered or printed pattern, to the futuristic and practical style with hoodies that feature numerous storage pockets, removable hoods or an elastic waistband, our range of techwear hoodies is suitable for people looking for an original style as well as those who want to take advantage of the technical features of the garments.

Our techwear hoodies are not just tactical clothing, but an essential part of your outfit that fits perfectly with other more casual clothing. With a cyberpunk, urban or street goth look, this techwear can be easily integrated to any style. A great choice for recreating a techwear style.